EXTENSIVE PRODUCT LINE - actively trades a wide range of engineering resins, styrenics and polyolefins, purchasing directly from the producers whenever possible, or from their designated trade channels.

Over the years, we have shipped and delivered safely to the main ports in over 20 countries, thanks to our suppliers and to the services of one of the world leading freight forwarders.


TOP QUALITY - We have invested heavily in screening and selecting our vendors; they distinguish themselves for the quality of their resins and their willingness to stand behind their product.

Our producers are ISO 9002/14002 certified; many have obtained UL and NSF approvals, and all support their FDA compliance with independent 3rd party testing.

With the exception of our offering in the off-spec section, all the resins we sell are prime virgin grade delivered in the producer's packaging, with the original certificate of analysis provided with each shipment. Direct shipments of full containers are arranged directly by the producers and containers are loaded and sealed at their facilities.

COMPETITIVE PRICING - Access to producers worldwide is only a starting point.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is reliable supply of top quality resins with a cost that gives you a competitive edge over your competitors, improving your bottom line and ultimately contributing to your top line top line, helping you capture new profitable business.

We strive to take the sting out of global sourcing: over the years we have saved our customers 5-10% on resin costs by designing supply solutions tailored to their needs, combining direct deliveries with buffer stock and consignments as needed to ensure supply continuity.


CUSTOM SEARCHES - In the decade since our founding, we have gained access to a large number of resin producers, and our limited product pages cannot possibly cover the range of products and specialty grades that we can source for you. If you can't find what you need in our standard listing, just send us a quick message through our OTHER RESINS page and let us help you with our search.
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